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Webster Gordon - Jun 04 2014

Finally caught on to this guy. He's a 20 year old kid from the UK, and kicks alot of ass. I've listened to his albums through a couple times and am somehow not at all sick of it. Psyched to see him at Firefly Music Festival later this month.

Webster Gordon - Apr 09 2014

This is the first track on Skrillex's (Skrillex'?) new album, and it definitely comes in hot. Like that he's embracing the brostep thing too.

Webster Gordon - Apr 09 2014

Another indie band that I might be late to the party on, but am really digging this song.

Webster Gordon - Apr 09 2014

Seeing this band next week. I love the big sound they pump into the vocals. They remind me of bands like Young the Giant and Grouplove.

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